Eating For Your Health

Myths About Gastrointestinal Enzymes

by Salvador Hill

For many individuals, pursuing a vegan lifestyle can be both a matter of personal health and ethics. However, it is a fact of life that the human body has nutritional needs that can be more challenging for vegans to meet. In order for individuals to make sure that they are able to meet their nutritional needs, it will be vital to have accurate information.

Myth: Simply Eating The Correct Foods Is Always Sufficient

While making sure that you are eating the right foods will be the first step in meeting your nutritional needs. It is also important for individuals to appreciate that it is also important for the body to be properly absorbing the nutrients from these foods. Otherwise, you will be missing out on much of the value of eating these foods. For vegans, this can be particularly problematic as it is especially important for them to be effectively absorbing the nutrients from their food. Vegan gastrointestinal enzymes can help to supplement the body's natural absorption capabilities so that it will be better able to utilize the foods you are eating.

Myth: Gastrointestinal Enzymes Should Only Be Taken Just Before Eating 

Individuals that are not as experienced with taking these enzymes can assume that they will always need to take them prior to eating. However, it is important to consult the directions as they can vary. While some of these enzymes may need to be taken just before eating, others will need to be taken on a regular schedule. While it may seem like it will be more convenient to simply take these substances prior to eating, it can actually be surprisingly difficult to make sure that you have these enzymes available at all times. For this reason, individuals often prefer enzyme supplements that are long-lasting.

Myth: Gastrointestinal Enzymes Will Cause An Upset Stomach

While there are many vegans that may appreciate the benefits that gastrointestinal enzymes could provide them, they may be worried about taking these supplements for fear of causing an upset stomach. Unfortunately, some patients will find that certain supplements can be prone to irritating their stomach. This can make it beneficial to try several gastrointestinal enzyme products so that you can find the one that provides these benefits without causing unnecessary stomach discomfort. When changing to a different enzyme product, it can be advisable to ease yourself into this transition as a sudden change may cause some minor stomach discomfort.