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3 Polite Ways to Offer a Diet Breath Mint Without Offending Others

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Who wants to go through the day with icky breath? If it comes to choosing between bad breath and delicious garlic-rich meals, sometimes your taste buds are bound to win, though. That doesn’t mean you have to take stinky breath lying down. Whether you are diabetic or simply trying to watch your sugar intake for other reasons, you are sure to love diet breath mints. They provide all the refreshment of traditional breath mints without the extra calories and sugar. Sharing them just makes sense! When you encounter someone with bad breath, it’s only natural that you would want to share the good fortune you’ve discovered with your yummy diet breath mints. It’s not so easy to simply offer this helpful treat, so approach the conversation carefully. Consider the following ways to offer a diet breath mint without offending the recipient. Way #1 – Simply Say: Mints Make Me Feel So Refreshed. Want a Couple? This way of offering someone a breath mint focuses on the positive things that the mints do for you. Seeing that the mints make you feel great and refreshed can inspire someone to want to also get those feelings for themselves. This is a casual, fun way to bring others into the joy you’re experiencing. Way #2 – Simply Say: These Are So Tasty. Would You Like to Try One? Who doesn’t want to enjoy the pleasure of great taste? Accentuating how tasty diet breath mints can be take the stigma out of diet treats. It lets the recipient of the breath mint feel as though they are being rewarded, not being offered a cure for their stinky breath. Way #3 – Simply Say: Sometimes I Don’t Even Realize How Much I Need These. Care for Some? Conveying your own personal experience in this way can seem very compelling to the recipient. It is brave since it is acknowledging your own struggles with bad breath without suggesting that the other person has the same issue. It’s a neutral statement with an offer that can empower anyone to reach out and enjoy the mints. Finally, keep in mind that offering someone one of the mints that you are enjoying shouldn’t be a big deal. However, people can get touchy when it comes to any perceived inference of their faults. By approaching the intended recipient with these cheerful, carefully worded offers, people should gladly accept your generous offer and enjoy the diet breath mints as much as you do. You can help banish others’ bad breath along with your own. For more information, contact a business such...

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3 Ways To Eat Your Pain Away

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Food is the easiest way to incorporate pain-relieving herbs and spices into your life. When you want to find natural remedies or you feel like your current medications need an extra boost, there are ways to reduce pain or inflammation through your diet. Try Turmeric Milk Turmeric is an excellent spice to help with inflammation, whether you have an acute injury or ongoing inflammation due to inflammatory arthritis. Many variations of curry require the addition of turmeric and it is also found in yellow mustard. An easy way to incorporate turmeric as an anti-inflammatory is to make turmeric milk. Add approximately one-half teaspoon of turmeric to 8 ounces of warm milk, depending on your own tastes. You can use any milk of your choice, such as soy milk. Soy or nut milks with added flavors, such as vanilla, can offset some of the bitterness of turmeric. To activate the anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric, you will also need to add a pinch of black pepper. Since the turmeric and black pepper will not completely dissolve, stir between sips. Be Sweet To Pain Many of the herbs and spices associated with pain reduction are easily incorporated into savory foods, but you can soothe your sweet tooth while reducing pain and inflammation. Cinnamon and cloves are among the anti-inflammatory spices that easily complement sweet foods. For example, add a pinch or two of cinnamon and a small pinch of cloves to plain, sweetened oatmeal. Since cloves can have a strong flavor, make sure you use it sparingly. Both spices also work well in your morning coffee, whether you drink it black or prefer a fancier coffee drink. Eat More Chicken You might be surprised at the power of poultry seasoning. Most poultry seasonings include thyme, sage, and rosemary, all of which have great pain-relieving properties. If you are vegan or vegetarian, simply add the mix to meat alternatives, such as tofu or veggie burgers. This mixture of herbs also complements vegetable or chicken stocks to serve as a foundation for soup. The old adage of eating chicken soup for the common cold might be true, depending on the ingredients. To help fight the aches and pain associated with the cold or flu, make a large batch of soup with poultry seasoning as the star ingredient. Whether you are dealing with an acute problem or need relief from chronic pain, incorporating the right herbs and spices into your diet can make a difference. Since herbs and spices are generally well tolerated, there is also less risk of interactions with medications. You can find healthy spices...

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