Eating For Your Health

  • 3 Great Smoothies For Workout Recovery

    17 March 2017

    After a tough workout, your body needs a quick delivery of nutrients to speed recovery and muscle building. Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get the nutrients you need. If you're looking for some new post-workout smoothie ideas, check out these delicious suggestions. 1. Chocolate Berry  What's better than healthy dessert for breakfast? This recipe tastes fresh and delicious while providing for your post-workout needs. First, place one frozen banana and 1 cup of mixed frozen berries in the blender.

  • 3 Polite Ways to Offer a Diet Breath Mint Without Offending Others

    8 February 2017

    Who wants to go through the day with icky breath? If it comes to choosing between bad breath and delicious garlic-rich meals, sometimes your taste buds are bound to win, though. That doesn't mean you have to take stinky breath lying down. Whether you are diabetic or simply trying to watch your sugar intake for other reasons, you are sure to love diet breath mints. They provide all the refreshment of traditional breath mints without the extra calories and sugar.

  • 3 Ways To Eat Your Pain Away

    7 August 2016

    Food is the easiest way to incorporate pain-relieving herbs and spices into your life. When you want to find natural remedies or you feel like your current medications need an extra boost, there are ways to reduce pain or inflammation through your diet. Try Turmeric Milk Turmeric is an excellent spice to help with inflammation, whether you have an acute injury or ongoing inflammation due to inflammatory arthritis. Many variations of curry require the addition of turmeric and it is also found in yellow mustard.

  • Food For Thought: How To Make Your Soup As Healthy As Possible

    27 July 2016

    Soup is a wonderful comfort food – it's warm, delicious, fills you up, and reminds you of when your mom used to make it when you were feeling sick. Making your own soup is a great way to not only refine your cooking skills but also to ensure that what you're eating is as healthy as possible. But how do you know what soups are a nutritional knockout and which ones are a clear strike across your plate?

  • What Are Some Of The Potential Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water?

    17 June 2016

    Alkaline water is made by changing the pH levels of your water so that it is more alkaline than acidic. This can be done by pouring water into an alkaline water pitcher that has a built-in alkaline filter. Drinking alkaline water has recently become popular among many health enthusiasts. It is believed to be more beneficial to your health than drinking regular tap water or bottled water. These are some of the potential health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

  • Southwestern Chicken: Three Ways To Prepare Chicken With Less Fat And More Flavor

    23 July 2015

    Chicken is a staple of the American diet. Its versatility allows you to prepare it in dozens of ways, either as a stand-alone entree, or mixed with pasta, rice, or potatoes as a complete meal. Almost every culture in the world eats chicken and everyone of them has their own ways of preparing it. If you find that your family eats chicken at least three nights a week, you may want to cut back on the fat content in your diet.

  • Top 4 Mistakes People Make On The Paleo Diet

    25 June 2015

    Going on a strict paleo diet can be an excellent way to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy increased energy levels. However, because paleo involves following some complex rules regarding what to eat versus what not to eat, it's important that those considering a paleo diet take the time to fully understand it before getting started. Read on to explore a few of the most common "newbie" mistakes people make when starting a paleo diet and how you can avoid them to ensure the best results.