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Surprising Herbs That Can Help Both You And Your Colicky Baby

by Salvador Hill

A baby that suffers from colic can be a nightmare for any parent, let alone an already tired and stressed parent. Babies that suffer from colic are often fussy for long periods, sometimes hours. Colicky babies will cry and leave parents wondering what it is they can do. Many times, a baby that suffers from colic will feel restless, cranky, and even gassy. Fortunately, there are herbs that can help soothe colic, especially when added to an herbal colic relief tea.

Fight Back With Fennel

If your baby suffers from colic, fight back with fennel. When your infant is red-faced, crying intensely, and has his or her fists balled, it may feel as though there is no end in sight. No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to comfort your very upset and clearly uncomfortable infant. Fortunately, fennel is an herb that can help relieve gas pains to help calm your baby.

Fennel is among one of the most popular herbs used to minimize colic symptoms. You can boil fennel in water to create fennel water that is safe for your infant to drink. You can also buy a holistic herbal tea made specifically for babies that suffer from colic. When purchasing herbal teas for your baby, make sure you check the ingredient label carefully to make sure the herbs listed will help, which includes fennel.

Prep for Peace With Peppermint

Prepare yourself for a few moments of peace with the help of peppermint. Adding peppermint to water and giving it to your infant or adding the mixture to a baby's bottle can soothe gas pains. It is best to ensure the liquid mixture is at least lukewarm since cold water can make your baby's stomach and digestive tract feel more uncomfortable than it did before.

One way to ensure the peppermint mixture is the right temperature is to add it to the baby's formula. If you are not sure how much peppermint to add, consider purchasing a holistic tea made for babies with colic and other fussy issues. Holistic teas that contain peppermint are sure to provide your infant with the soothing relief needed to reduce gas, thus giving you and your infant the chance to enjoy some peace and comfort.

Chase Away the Crazy With Catnip

When you think of catnip, you might think of a cat running wildly throughout the house like a hyper maniac. However, catnip has also been known to calm cats down rather than making them hyper. Because catnip is often associated with cats, you might be surprised to learn that it is also good for babies that suffer from colic.

Oddly enough, catnip may assist in reducing fevers. However, it is more important to note that catnip can also help to dispel wind and other pressures in the digestive tract to relieve colic symptoms. When made properly, holistic teas containing catnip may minimize muscle spasms that can cause your infant to feel pain and discomfort.

Purchasing the Right Tea

Keep in mind that a holistic tea for your colicky baby does not need to contain all the herbs mentioned. Even if it does not contain any of the herbs mentioned, do not discredit it. Make sure you always refer to the label to make sure the tea contains an herb of some kind that will have a calming effect on your infant. Some teas may relieve fussiness, others may relieve gas, while still others may simply help your infant fall asleep more comfortably. If you have concerns, remember that you can always talk to your infant's doctor. However, an expert can assist you in finding the right tea based on your infant's behaviors.